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The whole RPC team thanks all you visitors and is looking forward to see all of you at the following events organized by RPC.

Welcome on the ŠANCE Islands job fair website, organised by the Development and Counselling Centre at VŠE. Here you can find the most up-to-date information about the fair.


ŠANCE Islands - teaser

Basic information

We are glad to announce that this event is going to be the biggest job fair among all universities in the country, this time taking place in a virtual world ŠANCE Islands. Compared to a traditional in-person style fair our event brings a lot of advantages.

Are you looking for a job in these difficult times or just want to have an overview of what dream career you can embark on in the future? ŠANCE Islands is here for you! You will be presented with a unique opportunity to meet over a hundred representatives from prestigious companies of various specializations, who will be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding vacant job opportunities, salaries, benefits and much more.

What can you expect?

  • Meeting over 100 representatives in the course of 3 days
  • Getting a complete overview of the job market, incl. job requirements or even salaries
  • A diverse accompanying programme – a photo-booth, CV consultations, coaching and much more!
  • Having a chance to win 11 000 CZK when being extra pro-active
  • All of this from the comfort of your home!

Where to sign-up?

First, you need to register at:

After filling in all the required information you will be given a code to log-in in a form of “XXXX-1”, where each X stands for an assigned letter or a number.

You will see the code directly after the registration process by clicking the“View tickets” green table below the “congratulations” text box.

The code will also be sent to your e-mail address used when signing up.

Then you will have to download the 3D software with the virtual world itself.

Links to download the software:

For Windows:
For Mac:

You will start roaming around the beautiful virtual world after pasting the ticket code to the splash screen, which shows up right after opening the app.


Are you interested in exhibiting at the ŠANCE Islands job fair? WE HAVE THE LAST 2 VACANCIES.

Would you like to join our team and help organize this great event?

Contact us by e-mail:

Virtual world map

Virtual Islands Map





Technical requirements

The fair itself can be imagined as a role playing computer game. You will be an avatar walking through a virtual world using your mouse and keyboard, stumbling upon other students, alumni and, of course, booths of individual companies with their representatives in them, ready to have a chat with you in real time using a microphone. Moreover, both of you will have a webcam which turns on above your avatar whenever you set your foot on a chat zone, e.g. a booth. Seeing each other with other avatars creates an immersive experience and makes the communication even easier. Every company booth will have two separate chat zones right next to them, where you can have 1 on 1 private conversations with the representatives.

In order to use the app you will need a microphone, a webcam and a stable internet connection. If you have a laptop, using a touchpad is not recommended, though it is still possible.

The link to download the software will be available here soon.

We have also prepared a separate visitors’ guidebook, which will help you navigate and improve your chances to get your dream job.

Job Fair contests

Register ASAP and win!


  • Sign up before 16th of April 23:59 at
  • This way you will enter into a draw, where you can win a trip to the exotic Tropical Islands paradise in Germany
  • Don’t hesitate and sign-up today! The winner will be announced on Friday 17.4. at 17:00.

Treasure hunt


  • There are 5 mystery chests randomly scattered around the virtual worlds. 4 of them hold interesting trivia about our Alma mater and the 5th will grant you an ability to fly!
  • This way you can explore the islands from a completely new perspective.
  • Come fly with us!

Proactive visitors contest


  • Visit at least 9 exhibitors’ booths from all 3 islands combined (3 from island A, 3 from B and 3 from C)
  • Obtain a special code from each exhibitor. In order to access this secret code you will have to actively participate in the conversations with them. Ask questions, browse their promo content on the media screen in the booth, simply let them know you’re interested.
  • There are numerous billboards with QR codes around the virtual worlds.
  • These QR codes can be scanned with your own smartphones and will redirect you to a questionnaire, where you will then paste the secret codes.
  • You will enter a draw where you can win a voucher of your choice.
  • Each winner will be drawn every day at 17:00.

The condition of the competition is that everyone competes for themselves and everyone must obtain the secret codes themselves. We monitor the movement of each avatar in the virtual world – entering codes from booths you have not visited is a scam and you will be excluded from the competition.

The choice of vouchers is as follows:

  • Fancy dinner – invitation to a luxury restaurant
  • Online relax – voucher for a special online yoga course
  • Pamper yourself – cosmetics voucher
  • Movie bombshell – Netflix subscription
  • Dress up! – new clothes voucher

11 000 CZK cyber voucher grand contest

There’s more! If you manage to visit at least 9 booths every single day (3 days in total) and obtain all 27 codes, you can win the job fair grand prize – a voucher loaded with 11 000 CZK cash, which you can spend on any electronic device of your choice!

KNOW THE RULESDo NOT share the codes with other contestants. The software is able to recognize your own virtual presence at the booths and match it with given codes. If you manage to copy the codes from other participants you will be automatically disqualified.

Accompanying programme at the fair

We have prepared an interesting accompanying programme during the fair, which will take place mainly on Island D. Each day you’ll get a chance to experience:

CV & LinkedIn profile consultancy

Would you like your CV to shine at your next job interview? Would you like to gain an advantage during the selection procedure? Or perhaps, would you like to catch others’ interests by tuning your LinkedIn profile? Come along to the CV & LinkedIn consultancy booth, our HR specialists will be there to help you! You’ll also get an exclusive chance to trial run an interview in both Czech and English language.


What job to choose after graduation? How to force to finish school? What field of study to choose from? Is it better to start a business? Is it good to work at school? How to combine study and work? How to have more time for yourself?

Do you have these questions about your studies and your current or future career?

Now you have the opportunity to try for free how coaching works and at the same time how it can help solve questions and problems related not only to study but also to career and personal life. Coaching is suitable for everyone who wants to make full use of their inner potential.

What is good to know before a coaching session?

  • one session is limited to 30 minutes
  • for a meeting, it is good to prepare “your topic” with you, from your personal, study or work life, in which you want to move on
  • the coach is neither a counsellor, nor a teacher, nor a mentor, nor a psychologist or a psychotherapist – he will not give advice or answers to your questions but will help you find the answers and solutions within yourself
  • we respect the code of ethics, in particular, complete confidentiality, equality and voluntariness

Student organizations and workplaces of the Prague University of Economics and Business

Are you interested in getting more involved in the school? Now’s your chance! Come and visit selected student organizations and workplaces of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

The list of participating student organizations and VŠE workplaces will be supplemented.


Meet your classmates at our fair and visit the photo-booth, where you can have a joint photo taken as a souvenir. The photo-booth is located on island D. The photos will be published after the fair on our Facebook profile.


Do you feel that due to the limited possibilities for travelling abroad, your ability to communicate in a foreign language is declining considerably? Come to us in the selected language-booth and speak in the language you wish to practice. The language-booths will be located on island D and will always be marked accordingly.

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